The hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a family kitchen in which, above all, the quality of the products predominates, including the distinctive Km 0, but also alternating with Denominations of Origin of foods, from different origins, that contribute to a diversity of flavors and gastronomic experiences.

Restaurante Tierra Buxo

Enjoy breakfast on the terrace of the restaurant with the morning sun; eating at midday in any of the two dining areas, but also in the garden around the pool, or dine under a starry sky on a winter night, next to the candles, are pleasant sensations of a day of relaxation and tranquility in the facilities of the hotel, after a walk through the closest surroundings, or after a break, during the day, to any of the multiple natural spaces that surround the small town of Arcusa.

The bar-cafeteria located in the lounge offers coffee at any time of the day, an aperitif on the outside porch, or in front of the fireplace, a rainy autumn day.