North of Tierra Buxo, forming the skyline, we discover the Pyrenees.  A panorama, from Vignemale to Cotiella, with the Tres Serols-Monte Perdido massif in the center.

The Pirineos-Monte Perdido, which forms an extraordinary mountain landscape on the Franco-Spanish border, is home to two national parks: the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in the province of Huesca and the eastern part of the Pyrenees National Park on the French side.
Its natural richness, united to the landscape modelled by man, earned in 1997 its listing in the World Heritage Sites  of UNESCO and  recognition of its natural and cultural benefits.

From Tierra Buxo, just over an hour away, you can reach the different valleys and canyons of the National Park: Ordesa, Anisclo, Escuain and Pineta Valley.

For the same journey time you can reach the Chistau Valley, which includes the western zone of the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park and has incredible sites such as Ibon de Plan or Basa de la Mora.

A little further, crossing the Bielsa-Aragnouet tunnel on the French side, is the Aure valley and the Louron valley, with typical alpine vegetation due to its Atlantic orientation and which contrasts with the limestone mountains of the southern slope.

All these excursions are easily done in one day.

The hotel can provide a picnic.